Delwyn Baker

Hello my name is Delwyn Baker. I was born and raised in Pukekohe. I have a son Daniel who is 4 years of age. Family and friends are an important aspect in my life. I am a fully registered ECE teacher who has a Diploma of Teaching. I studied with Manukau Institute of Technology. I have 16 years of experience in ECE.

I believe every child should be given the opportunity to experience an environment which is safe, warm and caring and supportive.  I also believe that children should be given the opportunity to have some control over the direction of their learning where they learn through experiences which allows them to explore through touching, moving, listening, seeing and hearing.  I feel that children should be given plenty of time and space so they can develop social interactions with their peers and to develop a sense of self and discovery of others at their own pace.  I believe that children must have endless ways and opportunities to express themselves and the importance of the environment will provoke children’s creative thinking and problem-solving skills which provide opportunities to make connections between prior and new knowledge about their thoughts and feelings.

I believe that open communication between teachers and parents is paramount when building relationships to provide excellent quality care and education for their children.

My interests are cooking, photography, beach, making resources for children, enjoying the company of family and friends.